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State Board meeting May 13, at Noon, Stewarts Brewing in Bear DE

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  • Georgej
    Hi all, the LPDE State Board meeting for May will be on 5/12 at Stewarts Brewing Company (location of the convention), in Bear, at 12:00 Noon. All are welcome
    Message 1 of 1 , May 12 9:21 AM
      Hi all,

      the LPDE State Board meeting for May will be on 5/12 at Stewarts
      Brewing Company (location of the convention), in Bear, at 12:00 Noon.
      All are welcome to attend, county chairs and other state
      board members should plan to attend.

      From I95, Take Route 1 South near Christiana Mall, Exit at Route 40
      West, bear Right into Governor's Square shopping Center, Stewarts is
      on the right side of the shopping center as you face it, near the
      From South Delaware, Take Route 1 North to Route 40 West, see above.

      On the agenda:

      Storage: party items, literature, and the BOOTH

      the Phone: I believe we are disconnected and bill free! I believe we
      need to have a means of telecommunication, so we need to follow up on
      getting a cell phone, prepaid or plan, or other phone?

      Candidates: We are a political party, we need candidates!!!!I'll be
      speaking with Bill Morris on this topic today. But bear in mind, we
      have a message, which we can continue to refine. And, we have an
      opportunity....THROW THE BUMS OUT....is the mindset of Delaware
      voters. We welcome all Libertarians that will step up to the plate as
      candidates (pretty much) but especially welcome is anyone in a
      district that will lack competition for the incumbent. Yeah,
      incumbents have gerrymandered the districts to eliminate major
      competition, but they didn't count on us! Haven't run before....no
      biggie, you can take it light, or big time, but see me or email me!

      Candidates: State, National, county councils, municipal elections,
      school boards, and other non-partisan positions. Take one, take all,
      we want Libertarian candidates on the ballot, and who hopefully will
      present (market) to voters Libertarian ideas. Focus! A candidate
      needs to only present 3 or less ideas....3 campaign themes max, think
      3 reasons you are running!

      Events: We need to be present in the minds of Delawareans to be even
      a limitedly viable party. We need repetition. We need numbers. We
      need to be there. We must show our faces. So Cheers to less meetings
      and more face time. Unless our meetings become an event.

      Publicity: Expose your friends to ideas....I know you discuss/argue
      with your friends, but show them things like DownsizeDC.org and Free
      Talk Live, not to mention the Mises Institute or good ole standby's
      like the Cato Institute or Reason magazine. Oh, and of course, John
      Stossel of 20/20. And watch, listen, learn, and share it with people,
      hell, I bug my vendors with this stuff sometimes.

      Publicity 2: Write in to your favorite paper or publication. Call
      your talk show hosts. Leave your Lp News in a public place. Leave
      copies of the Delaware Liberty Liner at the local library (see me
      about this)

      Publicity 3: We have an activism project on Medical Marijuana. We'd
      like people to get involved. Wear a Libertarian shirt or pin while
      you are out there. Oh, we have the trash pick-ups too, Namaans Road
      and Churchmans I think.

      Repetition: We need it. Its the key to good marketing. We need it.
      Its the key to good marketing. We need it.....

      Politics: Marketing is the key to success. The best idea in the
      world won't do it without great marketing. Bad ideas and good
      marketing will beat a great idea without marketing every time.
      Marketing is the key to success.

      Location: Next board meeting....Stewarts or your suggestion. Need
      not serve alcohol. WiFi a plus!

      Other orders of Business: You bring them. What you want to talk
      about, eh? More importantly, what do you want to do? What do you
      want to see? Bring it on!

      More the Merrier (I hope).

      In Liberty,

      George Jurgensen
      Delaware State Chair
      Libertarian Party of Delaware

      Anyone interested in bumper stickers....I have a couple of ideas.
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