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Next meeting 2/13. Its all about Process. The (not so) Secret Ballot, agenda

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  • Georgej
    Hi All, the February NCC meeting will be on the second Sunday 2/13/06, because the third Sunday is over a holiday weekend for President s day. Meeting is at
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      Hi All,

      the February NCC meeting will be on the second Sunday 2/13/06, because
      the third Sunday is over a holiday weekend for President's day.
      Meeting is at the Crossroads Cafe, Routes 2 and 7 , 7:00 meeting, 6:30


      Its all about the Process people. Last meeting, Jan. 29, we had a
      vote. I think it is critically important that we organize, coordinate
      activities, and work together to accomplish something. The effort,
      the Process if you will, is more important than the issue. My
      premise: We'll become known by our actions, not by discussions. The
      higher profile, members, candidates, and voters we seek will follow,
      (with some targeted effort), but we have to be working on something first.

      Secret Ballot??

      So we had a vote! A ranking that is. You ranked 10 issues assembled
      by the group and chair along with NOTB (none of the Below). The
      criteria for the issues were that it : must advance liberty, is viable
      as project, shows the LPD in positive light, and have the potential
      for a groundswell of public support. It worked like this: If there
      are issues where you are willing to work (with other LPD'ers) for at
      least 2 hours a month for at least 3 months, and for which you are
      willing to put up at least $20 if necessary to cover expenses, then
      rank them. You are committing to working on at least your first 2
      ranked items, unless; Put NOTB on your list at the point that you
      don't want anything to do with the issues below, i.e. at the top
      ranking if you don't want to support work on any of the issues (even
      if you like them). I am fostering participation, your vote is your

      The top supported issue was Medical Marijuana. It was not one of my
      top two choices, but we start with one issue, one project, and I'll
      support the effort. I want us to work on these issues, and this issue
      for now, on a project basis and organize the effort (mostly) outside
      the course of the normal NCC LP meeting, but reporting to the meeting.
      If you didn't vote, or didn't rank it in your top two, you have not
      committed to participating, and need not. Everett Saylor, Bill
      Morris, and I welcome your support if you do decide to participate.
      Perhaps either Bill or Everett might prepare a few remarks for the
      next meeting for those that didn't choose the issue on why this is a
      broader issue than it might appear at first glance and something that
      the Libertarian ethic compels us to work on. I understand, but there
      others in our group who would benefit from your perspective.

      I figure we'll vote again in a few months, probably April, to
      re-authorize and/or choose another issue. But, we'll see how it goes.

      For now, we have written several letters to the editor and Bill has
      addresses where they will be sent for a number of newspapers. I
      expect we (the MM group) need to meet and brainstorm about how to
      proceed, though brainstorming is already occurring naturally, via
      email and postings. We might be better coordinating via a blog or
      online project software, such as tada-list (ok, free) or backpack, and
      if it works well, we could use it again on another project.
      http://www.basecamphq.com/?ref=tadapub(better, cheap).
      The ongoing proceedings of the group is for another context, i.e. the
      newsletter and said blog.

      Runner up issues were FOIA/open government, Eminent Domain/Public
      Use/Kelo, and Gun rights/right to defend/right to carry.

      Other business:

      The convention is slowly shaping up. It is tentatively planned for
      March 25 and we are working on several marquis speakers and a video
      presentation on activism. The location is tentatively set for
      Stewarts Brewing Company restaurant in Bear, Route 1 and Route 7,
      Governors Square. Time 11:00 to 5:00. Of course, the convention is
      officially state board fodder, but we do as we can. Notice will go
      out in a newsletter.

      Conk Memorial Liberty award. We'll be awarding a plaque at the
      convention in honor of Delaware activism on a pro-Liberty issue.

      Outreach: Alternative events to the state Fair. It looks like we
      won't be doing the state fair this year. We need to identify other
      events where we can set up a booth and interact with and reach out to
      the public with our issues and, of course, seek members. Hopefully
      one day events. We already do Newark Community Day, that is a good
      example. I need people to suggest events and we'll kick them around
      at the meeting. Then, I need someone to support/lead an event and get
      us registered. We'll work out getting a booth there and other details
      later. Brad and I are likely to support any staffing and set up
      requirements, so don't fret on that.

      Everett has a number of ideas on gaining active members and registered
      voters in general. I'll contact Spark with info on our meetings. See
      Everett, check out his list. Pick out one item off his list and
      attend to it on behalf of the party. Get him to add your thought to
      his list (I added contacting like-minded letter to the editor
      writers). What do you SAY?

      Everett is working with (?) Lisa on getting the newsletter out again
      in general and to give notice of the convention and solicit dues.
      Give him your support! And thanks Everett.

      Everett is also forming a calling circle for spontaneous activism to
      emerging events/news and as a resource for working on our project

      LP phone....we need to move it. Paul offered up his second phone line
      to forward calls to if necessary. Right now, nothing answers....so
      who pays?

      Ok, this has been an effort to distill out concisely what I wanted to
      share, and it has taken far too long. See you at the meeting.

      George Jurgensen
      NCC Chairstander

      Appendix: The issues

      Issues: vote was on these issues:
      1. Government operated public cameras-red light and for security on
      public streets. Stop big brother before its too late. Save the car
      behind you?
      2. Kelo decision, Eminent domain, public use. Save your home.
      3. Medical Marijuana-13 states have now legalized. Free to address
      4. Gun rights, right to carry, right to self defense (hot topic in
      the New Journal)
      5. SURJ, ending minimum mandatory sentences for non-violent crimes
      6. FOIA, open government (in Delaware!)
      7. RTBA for Delaware. Shouldn't our legislators read the bills, not
      simply vote based on a committee report
      8. Irresponsible government, legislating entitlements that cannot be
      delivered, ramping up the public debt
      9. Term limits. Kick them out before corruption is entrenched and
      10. Initiative to Referendum. Delaware citizens deserve input, not
      bills in committee head drawers

      Reminder, discussion on this announcement should take place on the LPD
      board, not this board, which is LPD ANNOUNCE
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