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There are no magic bullets

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  • Jim Larsen
    For discussion at the next NCC meeting? Jim ... From: Robert Heitner To: liberty-talk@wallnet.com Date: Sat, 1 Dec 2001 11:06:00 -0500
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 1, 2001
      For discussion at the next NCC meeting?


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      From: Robert Heitner <rheitner@...>
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      Date: Sat, 1 Dec 2001 11:06:00 -0500
      Subject: Re: Edgerton - LS7 - There are no magic bullets
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      On Fri, 30 Nov 2001 18:36:10 -0500 John Famularo <famularo@...>
      > ....
      > Everything that Bob says is correct, but even
      > with all of that you can not have a winning
      > campaign unless a firm foundation has been laid.
      > The higher the office sought, the more solid
      > and broad based the foundation must be.
      > All electoral victories are based on wining
      > at the precinct level. Winning the precinct
      > requires having a presence in each precinct,
      > not only to bring out the vote but to see that the
      > votes that are cast for
      > you are actually counted.
      > No candidate that would be willing to run on the
      > LP ticket is going to be able to deliver such a
      > base of support and organization. If the LP
      > wants to be competitive in higher level races
      > it will have to develop its own political base
      > and this can not be done unless the LP has people
      > ready, willing and able to operate at the precinct
      > level and get people elected and reelected to positions
      > such as town council and township committee.
      I agree. I have noticed a real problem among
      libertarians to be totally uninterested and ignorant
      of local politics. Most libertarians seem to have the
      erroneous belief that there is very little that they could
      do to advance freedom if they were elected to a municipal
      or even county wide office.

      They only want to write and repeal laws. They seem to be
      ignorant of the budgets and taxes that are enacted at every
      level of government. That seem to want to ignore the endless
      rules, regulations, permits and other invasions of our
      privacy and wallets continually enacted at the local level. There
      are endless planning boards, zoning boards and other boards
      that can inflict real invasions of our freedoms. At the county
      level there are many more boards and budgets and authorities.
      Just in my rural county there is the community college, vocational
      high school, municipal utility authority, county fire school, sheriffs &
      prosecutors office, old age home, jail, juvenile detention center,
      county administration building, county libraries, and I could go on
      and on. And what about school boards that spend like drunken
      sailors and indoctrinate like the worst of the Nazis & Commies.
      Just shining the light on what the schools do would get one
      lots of recognition, but probably more vindictive hatred than any
      political office.

      Just as much freedom and money is being lost at the local level
      than at the state and federal level, but most libertarians think
      these offices are not worthy of their talents, trouble and time.

      > The problem is that the LP has been waiting
      > 30 years to make a "break through" in the next election.
      > If fundamental changes in basic strategy are not
      > made, we will be lucky to even be in existence
      > in another 10 years.

      Bob Heitner
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