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Libertarian State Rep Candidate, 28th District

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  • Terri Lewis
    My official statement as submitted to www.dnet.org, the League of Women Voters election 2000 website follows. I also entered statements for each of the issues
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 12, 2000
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      My official statement as submitted to www.dnet.org, the League of Women Voters election 2000 website follows.  I also entered statements for each of the issues that appeared at that time for the state representative candidates.  While I am facing a single opponent, the incumbent Democrat, in a 45%-registered Democratic district, which means there's a slim possibility of winning, I do not believe in all the pomp or parties of traditional campaigns.  I would like to send out a couple of postcards, one in late September or early October and one just before the election, but whether I send them and to whom I will send them, will depend on how much money I can collect for that purpose.  I will send out sample copies of the postcards as I ask for donations specifically for them.  I'll be sure and put the word out on the LPD-Announce first!   I also plan on attending most of the candidate forums and debates that I find myself invited to and returning as many serious questionaires as I am able.

      Hi! My name is Terri Lewis, and I want you to vote Libertarian on November 7. I want you to say to your family, friends and neighbors, "We can run our lives better than any politician thinks he or she can."

      I am challenging long-time-incumbent Democrat Mr. Bruce Ennis for state house representative, 28th district, because I disagree with the belief that someone else, by virtue of being an elected politician, can make better decisions about how to run your life than you can. Politicians, even though well-meaning, are just people, just like you and me. Remember the movie The Wizard of Oz? Picture Toto pulling the curtain to reveal that the All-Powerful and Mighty Wizard was just a nice old magician. He couldn't really help Dorothy get home -- she had the power to help herself, all the time.

      Government must protect the rights of each of our citizens, not just those who can afford it, but those least fortunate, as well. It cannot efficiently or effectively accomplish this major task while trying to fix someone's money problems or day-care problems or health problems or retirement problems or ... the list goes on and on. "The best-laid plans of mice and men, often go astray." Have government programs eliminated poverty or hunger? Has illiteracy been eradicated? homelessness? sickness? People help the needy with their generous contributions. People give of their time, talents, money, clothing, food and more. Unfortunately, government programs actually increase the number of people in need. And, worse, these people in need are becoming, or already have become, less responsible, some even criminally, as a direct result of government's intervention.

      If you agree that people help people, through love and compassion, and should be allowed to help themselves and their neighbors, please vote for me. If you agree that politicians, although well-meaning, actually hurt needy people by using government force to try to help them, please vote for me. And, if you agree that politicians' time would be better spent in protecting individual rights and ensuring justice for those whose rights have been violated, please vote for me.

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