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Re: [LR_Cos] grommets

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  • Cat Devereaux
    ... used grommets, ... instructions. Can ... type, placement and ... Here s a link for pure grommeting and the types of machine... it s not total basics...
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 25, 2002
      > grommets in the back of a bodice. I have never
      used grommets,
      > and the only ones I can find do not come with
      instructions. Can
      > anyone help me with some basic instructions as to
      type, placement and
      > application?

      Here's a link for pure grommeting and the types of
      machine... it's not total basics... but...
      http://www.farthingales.on.ca/tips.htm should help a
      bit. Look at both the instructions for eyelets and
      grommets. The difference according to her
      instructions is that the eyelet has only one part and
      the grommets two.

      Folks... scrough out there w/ your Ren-fair and SCA
      links... find us a nice link or three about bodice
      backs and grommetting. I know they're out there.
      (And it's a good way you can contribute.)

      Real quickly. make sure you've got an extra layer or
      two of fabric back there to take a bit of stess off.
      Besides lining, I sometimes just cut the ends really
      long (2 inches) and turn that under so I have 4-6
      layers of cotton. (But that's my old theatrilcal
      training talking.) You want to put a bone or
      rigileen (or soemthing stiff) in the very edge near
      the back seam. Your gromets sits back away from the
      bone... inch, inch and a half..

      You grommet tool will come with a punch. Some folks
      say use a smaller punch and "worrie" the groments in
      by pushing threads assisde. You don't need to worry
      about that unless you're making something for a whole
      lot of use (Heavy re-enactment, etc.)

      When you punch have a rubber mat under you (or wood
      block, even a piece of a 2x4) so your tool can go
      though the fabric and into the wood. Else you'll
      dull your cutter.

      You want a ruuber mallet or a rawhide mallet (not
      hammer) for closing the gromets, unless you're using
      a hand press tool. DON'T SUBSTITUE here and try to
      use a hammer... borrow. (Groments that go in
      wrong... which they will with a hammer, are almost
      impossible to get out... OK , short of 1/2 hour w/ a
      pair of plyers... and much patience to not tear the

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