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Pratical Designs

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  • Judy Mitchell
    Ok, now who was that evil woman with the two kids that got my twisted brain into gear??? ;-) Someone (and now I ve cleaned my trash I can t find the message!)
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 1, 2002
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      Ok, now who was that evil woman with the two kids that got
      my twisted brain into gear??? ;-) Someone (and now I've
      cleaned my trash I can't find the message!) wanted to make a
      practical type outfit that wasn't a specific character, but
      used design elements.
      I was touring around my files, and noticed that one of
      Haldir's elves, in the farewell part of Lorien (if you've
      got the *big* bridge pic with the boats, you can see him
      standing on the side of the tree) is wearing what looks like
      a mid-length coat. And I got to thinking: hmm, you could
      make a nice dressy coat, use the back yoke from Legolas'
      jerkin, put on some celtic knot-work cording like Elrond's
      salmon shirt, and have a choice of the two-piece double
      leaf-wrap like Legolas for a short-sleeved coat, or make it
      long like Elrond's shirt. Could be really nice. wouldn't
      leave my brain. I have *no* place to wear such a neat idea,
      not even any place to *hang* the coat if I made it! bummer.

      Then my brain went to work last night. What if I didn't make
      a coat. I do need.... a *bathrobe*! I'm gonna make me a
      Legolas jerkin bathrobe! (and yes, Jean, I hope to have it
      with me in IO). And then it just got worse.
      You know, Galad's dresses have that nice flowy layer and then
      that lacy overlay. What if you split that lace CF and tied
      it at the neckline. maybe make it in black, or dark blue (or
      any jewel tone).. it would make a lovely pennoir! So would a
      lot of Arwen's dresses.
      And you know, if you took Elrond's salmon shirt that he wears
      all the time (since we never say him wear that black
      turtleneck), what if you made it just below the knee, split
      on the sides to the waist (it might be, we can't see) and
      even let the hem use that classic petal shape. It buttons to
      the waist, add some drawstring pants and you'd have some
      really nice "Bill Cosby" type pajamas!
      So you could take Boromir's outfit, maybe make it out of
      jersey or flannel, (lose the maille, who wants to sleep in
      that!) and attach the surcoat sleeves to the jerkin. It's
      slit to the side already. Maybe make it a keyhole neck
      instead of split all the way CF - hey, we found the buttons
      at Joanne's! - and put some trim on that goes around and
      down the front like a mock CF split. You'd have a lovely
      oh dear, I've created "Lord of the Rings: Sleepwear"! You
      know, I really shouldn't be awake after midnight. ;-)


      ha!ha! and I've got a 50% coupon to buy the green cotton
      fabric for my bathrobe today!! :-D
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