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61846New to Group and have a couple of question about arwens Requiem outfit.

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  • jessicaupchurch01
    Mar 25, 2014
      I attempted a search but yahoo groups is new to me, and i couldn't figure out how. First my name is Jessica and I do a bit of historical costuming as well as cosply. currently i am researching to make Arwen's Requiem costume. Has anyone worked out a proper pattern for the hood of the cloak? i saw an photo in the photo section.and it looks pretty spot on to the drape of the movie version and was wondering if there was a shareable pattern.
      again as far as the cloak is concerned, i know it was most likely a custom dye job. due to the nature of lighting etc on the movie as well as all the stills i have found, i can not decide if its blue, grey or a lavender color any insights would be most helpful. I want to go this as close to what we at least think we see when we see the dress on screen.Thanks in advance for any help you may offer.
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