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  • Daniel Sanders
    Mar 17, 2014
      Soooo after a year and a half of searching and searching and searching. And searching more. Then coming across something fairly close in NYC that was . . . $849.99. . . a yard. I've decided to make peace with the idea I'm not going to find something remotely similar. At least not within my price range.

      My thought is to do a combination of hand and machine embroidery on top of a crinkled metallic and silk tissue organza.

      My question is this, does the costume give off the impression I'd be better off using a silver and white base or silver and black as a base? The costume looks to be possibly a million different colors in different lighting. In the movie, it looks darker, in the bts footage it looks lighter. Some bts footage, it looks gold toned (I'm not considering this) and in the photography it looks somewhere in between.

      I have a swatch of each and am playing with layering over black, white and grey fabrics. But a second (third, fourth, a millionth) opinion on what I'm shooting for would be appreciated.
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