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    Mar 8, 2014
      Hey Sarah,
      I am making Thorin's bracers/ arm guards now. I used some oil tanned blacksmith side for the backer lining under piece. I used some Tandy dark blue dye on it. It came the color I wanted which was dull do to the oil tanned, and very dark. The blue only shows up in direct sunlight. The outer top pieces were veg tanned tooling leather. Used the same dye after tooling. They are lighter, but still as dark as I wanted. I also hand paint the dye from the bottle onto my design to highlight it, or to suggest metal etc. These arm guards have an 18 gauge sheet metal piece under the outer tooled cover to keep their shape, and provide protection from Orcs.
      I use the sealer, and don 't find it to shiny. If you want a warn or distressed look, just rub it lightly with some OOOO steel wool. Go EASY with this. Use the wool pad flat, and just wipe till it looses a little shine. Best of luck. Have fun, and take pictures to share. John

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      Unfinished veggie tanned tooling leather. I haven't done the tooling yet, as I'm still experimenting. I don't think I'll have to carve anything. This would be for the upper portions of the bracers that look to be so dark a green, they're nearly black. I'll be sealing it thoroughly, so rubbing off shouldn't be much of an issue. I'm not sure what sealant I'm going with yet, or if I'll try making my own to avoid that 'patent leather' sheen. Do you have any recommendations on that front? Thanks a bunch!

      Sarah, off to gather more eye candy

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