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61730Re: [LR_Cos] Help with the Fellowship Cloak Pattern

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  • John Carlson
    Nov 14, 2013
      Hi Meghan,
      The pattern of the cloak is a half circle shape. The actual selvedge is the sides of the cloth as it comes off the loom. These sides have a sort of finished edge to them. The distance between them is your fabrics width. 60 inches from selvedge to selvedge in your case. 
        Pick one of these edges to use as your straight front edges of your cloak. It will hang from your shoulders forming the left 60" side and the right 60" side from the same edge. That is why you need 120".
        Lay the cloth out on a clean floor such that you can get all 120" of length in one clear area. Now look at the cloth, and pick which selvedge or long side you want for your front edges. Now you get to use a giant compass to create your round bottom edge. You will need a helper or a small heavy object and a piece of string 60" plus a bit long.   Now get a bit of tailor's chalk or sewing marker or anything that will produce a non permanent line to follow and tie it on your string. Now measure along that selvedge 60" from your cut end and make a mark. Place the other end of your  60" string on that mark. Now have someone hold the string on the mark, or use your heavy object to hold it you will make an arc with your chalk, marker, starting on the same side, and ending back on the same side. That mark where you are holding the string becomes your center where you will make your neck opening. Hope that helped. I will try to post a drawing tomorrow. Good Luck , John

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      On Nov 13, 2013, at 3:44 PM, <urbanmu@...> wrote:

      I just got the fabric to make the fellowship cloak and I'm ready to start, but a little confused.  I want the length to be 51".  According to the pattern you add 10" to the radius of your desired length, so for me that would be 61", making the diameter 122".  However it says that if you plan to use the whole 60" width your straight edge would be 120".  I am somewhat of a novice so any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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