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61720Costume Displays - Hobbit fan event

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  • Cat Devereaux
    Nov 4, 2013
      The Hobbit event sounds like much fun.

      I'd like to beg a favor from anyone who attended the event and snapped
      any pictures.... please send a copy in. I'll adjust them, pull detail,
      crop pieces. I'll send you back full sets of what I clean up, and then
      they can be shared with everyone.

      BTW, when I say ANY, I really do mean any. Back when they had the Casa
      Loma exhibit, almost half the pictures send in where black or near
      black. The community got an amazing collection from them. A lot or
      were tilted or blurred but we still got great bits.

      Please send the largest files you can, or let me know where you'd like
      me to pick them up from. Send them to my main address: catdevereaux @
      alleycatscratch.com . Also let me what name you want the w/ the photos.

      These are the first exhibit costume photos, lets make sure they're
      preserved for everyone.


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