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Re: Starting Combines / And other stuff

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  • Martin Helsdon
    Recent changes to the rulebooks as a result of e-mail traffic in the ... Starting Merchant Houses http://www.throneworld.com/wiki/index.php?
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 3, 2008
      Recent changes to the rulebooks as a result of e-mail traffic in the
      last month or two:

      > > How do combines start in a game?

      Starting Merchant Houses


      > What units can be built where in the HBZ?

      Clarifications are here:


      > How do I know when its updated?

      The thronewiki Basic and Modern Rules reflect the state of the
      current working rulebooks. Updates are indicated by the change of the
      relevant date on the rulebook wiki page Revision History. When the
      wiki version has been updated after the issue of PDFs the Revision
      identity is also updated.

      The Basic Rules are at: Version 6.4.7, updated: 1/27/2008 6:51 PM.

      The Modern Era is at: Version 6.3.5, updated: 1/27/2008 6:51 PM.

      > When's the next PDF issued?

      Probably late February or March.

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