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5527Re: The U.S. Natural Gas Export Boom Means Pipelines and LNG

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  • cliffgoudey
    May 9, 2016
      An absurd article describing an even more absurd industry.

      Forbes Contributor Jude Clemente actually states, "Given the statistically significant connection between power use and economic development (see my article here), Mexico‚Äôs government therefore has a clear obligation to increase personal consumption rates." 

      Quite the opposite.  The connection he speaks of has been broken.  Economic growth is no longer shackled to energy consumption and certainly not to fossil fuel combustion.  A transition to renewables is the most logical path for Mexico plus their increased manufacturing is related to the offshoring of jobs, a ruinous 1990's trade policies for the US that are likely to be reconsidered in 2017.

      Even in the US, the vast majority of new electrical power generation has been wind or solar because they are simply cheaper.  Similar patterns in other countries will keep the value of NG lower than is needed for profitable export by ship.  While it is a shame to see good money being wasted on these new export terminals, this is the fate of those still mired in the fossil-fuel age. 
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