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Blogathon Snape Fanfic This weekend

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  • Lisa
    Hi Lisa! I usually just lurk your group, and plug your fanart like crazy. :) I hope you don t mind me posting this here - and if you do, that you will feel
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 26, 2006
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      Hi Lisa!

      I usually just lurk your group, and plug your fanart like crazy. :) I
      hope you don't mind me posting this here - and if you do, that you will
      feel free to delete it!

      My very dearest online friend is doing the Blogathon this weekend, and
      her charity is Association for International Cancer Research. Her blog
      will be a Harry Potter Fanfic – in – progress. It will be
      COMPLETE by the end of the blogathon, so you don't have to worry
      about being left `hanging' on yet another WIP! (grin)

      What the Blogathon is, is an online charity event where participants
      choose the charity they want to support, seek sponsors, and then commit
      to `blogging' for twenty-four-hours, in which they have to post
      in their blog at least once every half hour.

      In this case, my friend is going to make her `blog' a Harry
      Potter fanfic in progress. The rating of this fic will not go above
      PG-13, since the Blogathon is a multi-ages event. It will have Snupin
      (Snape/Lupin) as one of its core pairings. (Though not its only pairing,
      it will not be entirely slash, and will not have a rating exceeding
      PG-13 due to the multi-ages event.)

      So, for those of you who are able and willing and do that sort of stuff,
      please consider sponsoring her.

      Even if you can't sponsor her, please come to read and play with her
      while she and her partner blog for these 24 hours – having
      `company' helps make those wee morning hours – especially
      those last four or five hours – not seem quite so interminable.
      There will be trivia questions and prizes and all sorts of fun stuff in
      addition to the fanfic, all Harry Potter related.

      There are all sorts of prizes for sponsoring, including getting to add a
      challenge for them to work into the fic at the $5 sponsor level all the
      way up to a $25 Amazon Gift certificate for sponsoring at the $50 level!
      Whee! If you want to have your challenge worked into the fic, you need
      to sponsor and submit your challenge before `hour 16', which
      would occur at 12 midnight on Saturday night, Central-Standard-Time, so
      they have plenty of time to work it into the story.

      This is a really great cause, and a fun thing to do - not to mention it
      will be really fun to watch a fanfic-in-progress!

      The Blogathon is this weekend, starting at 8:00 a.m. Saturday Morning,
      July 29th, and they will be posting every half hour through to Sunday at
      8:00 a.m. Central-Standard-Time.

      Here are the links:

      The main Blogathon site and information: http://www.blogathon.org

      Her Blog and complete prize information can be found here:
      <http://blogathon.esoteric-renaissance.com/> --this will also have the
      link where you can sponsor her.

      The Association for International Cancer Research Website is here:
      http://www.aicr.org.uk <http://www.aicr.org.uk/>

      And for the record – from an admittedly not unbiased source, this
      friend, JL is a brilliant writer. I've known and role-played with
      her for years – she plays Remus at our Live Journal game, `Fiery
      Inception', where I play Snape. It will very definitely be a fanfic
      worth reading! For samples of her writing style, you can look at these:

      Remus' personal journal at the game: http://m4moony.livejournal.com/

      Game entries where Remus has been involved:

      I hope you guys will check it out and sponsor her if you are so

      Fiery Inception http://community.livejournal.com/fiery_inception/profile
      Snape's Journal http://subtle-simmer.livejournal.com/profile

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