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New openings at Haunted Chambers, HP RPG run by adults

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  • shanti_50130
    Hi! Sorry to spam again, but I m a little desperate. ;) Suddenly a bunch of my kids from my site have had to quit and we ve got some major canon openings.
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 2, 2005
      Hi! Sorry to spam again, but I'm a little desperate. ;) Suddenly a
      bunch of my "kids" from my site have had to quit and we've got some
      major canon openings. Especially in our Malfoy family and Professor
      McGonagall. :) Lisa lets me use her lovely drawings for many of the
      avatars people use on our site--nearly all the Weasleys except Ginny
      and Charlie I think (their players use real-people photos), Remus,
      Sirius, Narcissa--though that is one of my players I'm losing,

      Anyway, if you're a person who enjoys rpgs and have time to play,
      please check us out. If not, delete this message and have a nice
      day. :)

      Haunted Chambers, a Harry Potter Roleplaying game run by adults, has
      several new openings and opportunities for mature players! We are a
      message-board style game with forums in the Mauraders era, Harry
      Potter years 1-5, and Harry Potter year 6. Our characters are welcome
      to 'bounce around' in time (except in year 6 which we are keeping
      chronological) to go back and develop relationships or histories with
      each other when new people come on board.

      Our average age of player is in the mid-20's, our 'wisest' player is
      52, and youngest is 15. We have a good maturity level in our game and
      good quality players, without being so rigid on
      grammar/punctuation/length of post requirements as to be

      We do welcome well-thought-out original characters as well, but the
      canons are a particular need to 'move ahead' with plot-things. This
      list is by no means all-inclusive, we have many lesser canon
      characters open that could certainly be developed into more
      prominence, but these are simply our greatest area of need at

      If more than one person applies for a character, we will evaluate the
      applications and choose the best one based on knowledge and
      understanding of the character, quality of the role-playing sample,
      and the availability of the players to actually play their

      Most of our players check in on the board off and on through out the
      day on most days. If you are only able to play a few times a week or
      less, please consider applying for a less prominent character. We
      would like our 'major' characters to be able to post an average of
      once a day or better whenever possible.

      The list:

      Minerva McGonagall
      Peter Pettigrew (needed for both HP year 6 things and also Maurader
      Era threads)
      Draco Malfoy
      Narcissa Malfoy
      Nymphadora Tonks
      Luna Lovegood
      Kingsley Shacklebolt
      Crabbe and Goyle JR and SR to toady to the Malfoys JR and Sr. I would
      let one person play these characters in pairs, and even run the
      fathers and sons, though it would probably be more fun for the player
      to only run two at the most.

      We also need someone to come and 'Run' for Minister of Magic. JKR has
      told us that Fudge will not be Minister of Magic anymore sometime in
      book 6, but we do not know how this comes about. For the purposes of
      our game, we are going to have Fudge lose an election sometime in
      October or so, 'game' time. We would welcome either an Original
      Character or a Canon character that makes sense to be in that role,
      like Amelia Bones or Mathilda Goshawk to be developed into the new
      Minister. This individual can have any loyalties he or she
      chooses--Dumbledore, Voldemort, or his/her own Political gains
      regardless of the machinations of war.

      We are a fun and easy-going batch of people to play with. We welcome
      new ideas and love pro-active players who aren't afraid to jump in
      and start threads and develop their characters, build relationships,
      all that fun stuff.

      At this time we are still in 'summer' of Harry Potter year 6, so
      thereis plenty of time to get involved in the mayhem and excitement
      that will begin to blossom in the upcoming war, regardless of what
      side you wish to 'support'.

      The main website can be found here:

      You will find the initial joining application and character
      application on the Rules board.

      Any questions should be directed to the administration team here:

      We look forward to hearing from you!
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