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Re: [LMARS] 147.285 Reperater signal

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    Hi Joe, It would be helpful if we can be informed as to who made the cheapo statement then we would have the right of confrontation. I sit on the Board,
    Message 1 of 6 , Aug 19, 2013
      Hi Joe, It would be helpful if we can be informed as to who made the "cheapo" statement then we would have "the right of confrontation."  I sit on the Board, run the net on Mondays and am not aware of what is wrong with the repeater except when the problem is with my rig or antenna and occasionally wx conditions prevail.   73,  AL,  W2AS
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      Subject: Re: [LMARS] 147.285 Reperater signal


      JG "Joe" Ayala - K4JGA
      Casselberry, FL.
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      Subject: [LMARS] 147.285 Reperater signal

      I was off ham radio for about 3 years and always used the club machine.
      After rejoining LMARS I noticed that the repeaters coverage and signal has been about cut in half or more..I used to be able to get into the machine even down on the 520, now nothing.

      I travel between Eustis and Apopka and never had a problem getting into the machine while mobile. I talk to my buddy WF4HAM when he comes home from work and I can hear him better on the repeater input 25 miles away than when he is 10 miles from the machine. Constant breaking up.

      I heard that an antenna change was done sometime back and was replaced with a cheapo antenna and the board does not want to hear anything about it.. is this true ?..The 147.165 machine blows the 285 away. Was in North Apopka today and machine was hitting me with 2 out of 5 bars..Its not my mobile as I also have my base up here in Eustis and our club machine is the weakest of all the other repeaters in the same area. I am still going to remain a member of LMARS as its a great radio club..73 to all Howie AC4DJ ( licensed now for 34 years )

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