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Re: recommendations on beginner's book needed

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  • Gregory Crutcher
    For someone starting from scratch I would recommend: A Practical Guide to Linux by Mark Sobell. It is for those who do not know what bash is and have no
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 10, 2000
      For someone starting from scratch I would recommend:
      "A Practical Guide to Linux" by Mark Sobell. It is for those who do
      not know what "bash" is and have no UNIX experience at all. It is one
      of the best.
      After you graduate from that book I would suggest:
      "Running Linux", one of the O'Reilly books. It will give you more
      specific vendor info about apps like Samba, Apache, KDE etc.

      Good Luck!!!

      --- In LINUX_Newbies@egroups.com, "J" <justo@m...> wrote:
      > in following w/the name of the group, i'm new to linux. my
      background is in
      > dos/windows so you're dealing w/s.one who's been "dumbed down" in
      > computer knowledge. i've got a copy of suse 6.4 that i've
      installed on a
      > dual boot system.
      > i was wondering if a.one has any recommendations as to a good
      > source for learning about linux in general. i've been to suse's
      site and
      > i'm reading thru some of their help files, but i think i'm the type
      > will need a step by step approach. don't get me wrong, i'm not
      afraid of
      > the technical aspects of linux, i'm just not ready for them yet. i
      need to
      > build a good foundation on the basics first and then move into the
      > technical areas. so if a.one has any good recommendations, i'd
      > it.
      > sorry if this has been asked before, i am reading thru. the
      archives, but
      > there's close to 1,000. so if you'd rather direct me to an archive
      (s), i'd
      > be happy to look it/them up.
      > thanks,
      > j
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