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Re: [LINUX_Newbies] Introduction: Mike Little

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  • Jeff and Stephanie Kooser
    OK, well I m not a whole lot more experienced with Linux than Mike is, but if I read his email correctly, he needs to upload the config file as root and then
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 6, 2000
      OK, well I'm not a whole lot more experienced with Linux than Mike is, but
      if I read his email correctly, he needs to upload the config file as
      "root" and then send a HUP to the inetd process, right? Or does the server
      have to reboot?

      _sending HUP to inetd_

      as root,
      $ ps x | grep inetd
      1234 inetd
      $ kill -HUP 1234


      Jeff Kooser
      Systems Administrator, News-Gazette (kooser@...)

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      On Thu, 6 Apr 2000, Mike Little wrote:

      > Hi Friends, Hosts, Masters, Mistresses and other Slaves of and to the
      > Wonderful World of Web
      > sounds a little mush eh .. ok .. i'll lighten up
      > My name is Mike ... Mike Little.
      > Basically I've found this group (these goups actually) because after several
      > years as a re-selling virtual host, being lost as another number with rude
      > and un-professional service centers, I decided it far time to quit paying
      > people for something I had to be able to do myself, for less money over all,
      > and with less personality headaches - so I decided to get a dedicated
      > server - actually I've even joined with a group of others who want to share
      > talents and co-host dedicated servers ... but, personally .. well .. yep,
      > you guessed it, "I" know next to nothing about what I'm doing. So I thought
      > I should meet some other good people interesting in making this all work so
      > I did not have to rely so heavily on my small core-group all the time.
      > So that's it in a unix-shell and I'm already stumped on something really
      > basic...
      > Right now all I need to do is upload my new config file to acknowledge the
      > IP address I just assigned (oh, BTW my server is on DialtoneInternet, linux,
      > redhat, etc)
      > i know next to nothing about telnet, so i'm trying to ftp, but I'm getting
      > access denied
      > do I need to delete the file first (i sort of remember having to do that
      > with one server once)
      > permission problems? how far up?
      > someone told me I could telnet in and ftp out - I said right ! ;)
      > remember i'm a total newbie
      > all 'gentle' ;) suggestions gratefully and eagerly appreciated
      > thanks and Cheers
      > Mike
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      > Mike Little - 619-233-7205
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