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CrossOver Linux has been a great tool for people who have switched from windoze

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  • iloveubuntulinux
    From Juergen Haas
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 16, 2012
      From Juergen Haas
      3d1> , your Guide to Linux CrossOver Linux has been a great tool for
      people who have switched from MS Windows to Linux, as it enables them to
      run the same software they have been using on Windows on the Linux
      platform. Now the developers have combined all the different flavors of
      CrossOver into one package.

      The recently released XI version of CrossOver integrates the different
      variants of the MS Windows compatibility software, such as CrossOver
      Games, CrossOver Pro, etc.

      The CrossOver software enables you to install and run native Microsoft
      Windows operating system programs and software packages on Linux. That
      is, you can use the same software you use on your MS Windows computer on
      Linux, often with better performance, which saves you the expensive and
      time consuming processes related to the licensing of MS Windows
      operating systems.

      By combining CrossOver Games with the basic CrossOver software that
      supports productivity applications, such as Microsoft Office
      <http://linux.about.com/b/2012/03/10/crossover-xi-for-linux.htm?nl=1> ,
      CrossOver XI (eleven) enables to you play most popular Windows games in
      addition to any business software you may use.

      There is an officially supported set of Windows programs that can be
      installed using Crossover. However, there are many other programs that
      can be installed, sometimes requiring a few tricks. Codeweavers has set
      up an online compatibility database
      <http://www.codeweavers.com/compatibility/> where CrossOver can
      download recipes for installing a particular program, and users can
      upload recipes if they figured out how to install a program.

      CrossOver is a product developed by CodeWeavers and is based on the open
      source software Wine
      <http://linux.about.com/od/softorther/a/softotherwine.htm> , which makes
      it possible to run native MS Windows applications
      on Linux.

      CodeWeavers contributes to the development of the freely available Wine
      <http://linux.about.com/od/softorther/a/softotherwine.htm> software and
      CrossOver XI for $39.95 as a tool for easy setup. The Windows games and
      applications themselves and their licenses have to be provided by the

      One Download Gives Customers The Most Affordable Access to
      Windows-Enabled Apps, Games
      CEO `Still Having Trouble Figuring Out the Name'

      SAINT PAUL, Minn. (March 6, 2012) — Seeking simplification in an
      increasingly complicated world, CodeWeavers, Inc. announced today the
      release of its new software CrossOver XI. In one package, CrossOver XI
      enables all Mac and Linux PC users the ability run Windows software and
      games without the need for a Windows operating system license.

      CrossOver XI replaces all previous versions of CodeWeavers'
      CrossOver software."No more CrossOver Games; so long CrossOver Pro
      (and Impersonator, and Bundle, and Platinum, and…), One download of
      CrossOver XI gives everyone in our universe immediate access to
      thousands of Windows applications otherwise unavailable without a
      Microsoft license," said Jeremy White. "So, whether you're a
      Mac user wanting to play Wizard 101, a Linux user needing Microsoft
      Office <http://www.codeweavers.com/about/general/press/20120306/> 2010,
      or someone who really misses the `90s and is nostalgic for
      WordPerfect 3.1, CrossOver XI is for you."

      Starting at $39.95, CrossOver XI is the most affordable software
      solution on the market to run your Windows applications
      <http://www.codeweavers.com/about/general/press/20120306/> on Mac and
      Linux. Sure, some solutions appear to be free or available at a
      comparable price, but they require you to purchase a copy of a Windows
      license, which can cost upwards of $100, before you can run any Windows
      applications. CrossOver does not. We repeat, CrossOver XI does not
      require you to purchase a Windows license.

      "The only thing not simple about CrossOver XI is how we pronounce
      the name of the product," White continued. "Should customers
      pronounce us as `CrossOver Ex-Eye,' or as `CrossOver
      Eleven,' or perhaps `CrossOver Exy,' or as I like to refer
      to it, `CrossOver Zigh'? Considering we're all about open
      source here, we'll leave it to our customers to decide."

      CrossOver XI is immediately available at www.CodeWeavers.com

      Wondering if your favorite Windows software title will run under
      CrossOver? Visit c4.codeweavers.com <http://c4.codeweavers.com/> to
      find out.

      About CodeWeavers

      Founded in 1996 as a general software consultancy, CodeWeavers focuses
      on the development of Wine –the core technology found in all of its
      CrossOver products. The company's goal is to bring expanded market
      opportunities for Windows software developers by making it easier,
      faster and more painless to port Windows software to Linux. CodeWeavers
      is recognized as a leader in open-source Windows porting technology, and
      maintains development offices in Minnesota, the United Kingdom and
      elsewhere around the world. The company is privately held. For more
      information about CodeWeavers, log on to www.codeweavers.com
      <http://www.codeweavers.com/> .

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    • Paul
      ... If you re going to primarily run Windows applications why bother running Linux?
      Message 2 of 2 , Mar 16, 2012
        --- In LINUX_Newbies@yahoogroups.com, "iloveubuntulinux" <
        > 3d1> , your Guide to Linux CrossOver Linux

        If you're going to primarily run Windows applications why bother running Linux?
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