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LUG list; was: Re: Graphics are great, but only when you need them!

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  • dbneeley
    Linux User Group list: David
    Message 1 of 12 , Dec 3, 2009
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      --- In LINUX_Newbies@yahoogroups.com, J <dreadpiratejeff@...> wrote:
      > On Thu, Dec 3, 2009 at 17:00, Darksyde <m_alexander61@...> wrote:
      > >  Now that sounds like a great way to be introduced to Linux!  I, sadly, live in a small city
      > > where about a dozen people whom I've talked to know the least thing about Linux, and
      > > only one or two have used it.
      > I don't know any more... You used to be able to find info on LUGs at
      > the various Distro websites, linux.org, and places like that... I
      > haven't really looked in a long time.
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