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Re: [LINUX_Newbies] Re: i need to install an os

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  • Roy Charles
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      Subject: [LINUX_Newbies] Re: i need to install an os

      it does not automatically boot from disk and i dont know what the
      bios is

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      The BIOS is the first stage of booting. It is instructions written on the hardware (motherboard). Each BIOS a little different. One of the things that happens in BIOS is that the order in which devices are booted is set. If your system is set so that the BIOS boots from the hard drive first then putting in the CD will not do anything. The computer will boot the hard drive and look for a bootable operating system. Finding none it will halt.Older computers usually have the floppy as the first device, followed by the first hard disk , etc. Newer ones will have no floppy but will allow usb booting instead.

      You can change the settings in the BIOS to change the boot order. You want to set the CD as the first boot device. That way your computer will check the CD drive first and when it finds the Linux CD it will boot it, since it is a bootable CD. Not all CDs are bootable. Music CDs for example will not boot if they are left in the drive. The Linux CDs are made specially to boot.

      To change the BIOS you need to press a key once the computer starts to boot, shortly after you see something on the screen. You usually see the RAM and the maker of the BIOS. If you let us know the maker of the BIOS then we can probably tell you what the key press is. Or you can just try a few of the common ones.

      Many BIOSes use one of the function keys, usually F1 or F2, or the Esc key. You just press and hold it briefly. If it works it will take you into a text mode screen where you can change the settings. The boot order is likely not on the first page of the BIOS menus though. You can scroll through the menus using up down and right left arrows.

      Once where you see the boot order menu you will have to switch the order. The hard drive will be number one or two. If you have a floppy drive is likely number one in the list. You will want to move everything down one level and make the CD ROM the first in the list (it is likely last right now). Once you make changes then you have to save and exit. Don't just exit.

      Then you can reboot with the disk in the drive. With luck and perseverance you will be able to boot from your CD.

      Keep us posted. If you can look at what messages appear on the screen in the boot up we may be able to help you further. There are only a few BIOS makers so someone may have the same computer or model and will know exactly what to do. Or if your computer is from certain companies then they make their own proprietary BIOS. Let us know the computer manufacturer and anything else you can figure out such as the model number, usually on a plate on the back. Mine is only a general guide.

      Good luck!

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