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Re: [LINUX_Newbies] Close to taking the Linux plunge

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  • duckz quack
    better more go to linux-laptop.net and see any similar laptop installation report. prepare yourself for tweaking and repairing, most of all is in the videocard
    Message 1 of 4 , Aug 31, 2007
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      better more go to linux-laptop.net and see any similar laptop installation report.

      prepare yourself for tweaking and repairing, most of all is in the videocard (trident sux) lcd native resolution (intel videocard), wireless card and modem.

      go with fedora core / debian for your learning curve starting point, ubuntu / pclinuxos / mandrake will not give you enough lesson to be one step better in linux.

      if you feel you have the time and will to go further, go with gentoo / slackware. it should help you learn more about what makes linux ticks.



      Robert C Wittig <wittig.robert@...> wrote:
      Ron D wrote:
      > Have two laptops, the wife uses one. I would like to make that one a
      > Linux only machine. Don't want to do this half a..ed. You know running
      > Ubuntu off CD, or any other 'sort of' approaches.

      Good idea.

      > The machine I have to experiment with is an older Toshiba Satellite.
      > Only a 20G drive, 512MB of RAM. Presently running XP Home on it. Has
      > been a good machine to us for the past 5.5 years.

      The fact that the laptop is 5.5 years old is an advantage for Linux...
      there is a better chance that there will be drivers available for the
      hardware, than if the machine was new.

      > Any advice...in REMEDIAL terms please...to get me started? Can I run on
      > this machine? Am I all wet here?

      Go to http://distrowatch.com/ to check out the various Linux
      distributions available, and their pros and cons, and hardware
      compatibility issues.

      Ask yourself (as seriously as possible) whether you want to actually
      learn the Linux operating system, and become a member of the Open
      Source community, or if you simply want a free operating system that
      friendly to Windows users.

      Linux has distros that can satisfy both of these goals.

      I grew up in DOS and Windows, and decided I wanted to become a *nix
      user before Linux became Windows-User-Friendly, because I was
      seriously interested in C/C++, and *nix/Open Source is the wave of the
      future for programmers.

      If your needs will be satisfied by a Windows look-alike, for running
      Desktop applications, Ubuntu will probably work for you.

      If you want to master the power of *nix operating systems, distrowatch
      will be helpful, in choosing a distro right for you.

      A little off-OS-topic, but nontrivial, read: http://www.fsf.org/ ...to
      get up to speed on some of the philosophical underpinning of Linux.

      -wittig http://www.robertwittig.com/

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