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Re: [LINUX_Newbies] Hi again

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  • Robert C Wittig
    Hello Digital, Friday, June 17, 2005, 10:47:43 AM, you wrote: DB Hey Joan and Naresh and Robert, DB Well, after that last post by Robert for Naresh I DB
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 19, 2005
      Hello Digital,

      Friday, June 17, 2005, 10:47:43 AM, you wrote:

      DB> Hey Joan and Naresh and Robert,

      DB> Well, after that last post by Robert for Naresh I
      DB> agree fully with the statement Robert makes on his
      DB> website, for those who have not visited it yet - it
      DB> goes like this :

      DB> "I'm pretty opinionated. Fortunately, people pay me
      DB> for my opinions." - Robert

      The greatest danger a person faces, once they convince people to
      actually pay them for their opinions, is that they might become afraid
      of saying "I don't know"... when they don't know, and "I'm not sure",
      when they are not sure.<g>

      Yep... people sometimes pay me for my opinion.
      Nope... I don't have all the answers.
      Thank, the God of your choosing, for Google.<g>

      DB> No offense Robert, but I enjoy the way you
      DB> meticulously reprint the previous emails line's (as
      DB> proof of fact) before actaully making a comment. It's
      DB> great to see!!

      No offence taken.

      DB> Anyways, great to see discussions on a discussion
      DB> group, usually it's quiet on most groups. I have
      DB> started with a Wrox Press Book - "Beginning Shell
      DB> Programming". It's pretty good, but I actually wanted
      DB> some recommendations on books relating to DOS and
      DB> Windows Scripting. If you could recommend sites for
      DB> examples, I would appreciate it.

      I have a Wrox Press book titled 'Beginning Linux Programming', with a
      picture of Richard Stones and Neil Matthews on the red cover... might
      be part of a series. I also have 'UNIX Shells by Example' by Ellie
      Quigley. UNIX Power Tools, by O'Reilly and others is also very good,
      in my opinion.

      DB> Also, I was wondering how most people got started on
      DB> Linux. You know- I really can't afford Windows so I
      DB> got Linux from a friend.

      DB> How did other group members start out?

      First, I just installed a Linux partition, and tried leaning commands.
      I didn't really take off with Linux until I got an old junker computer
      someone threw out, and installed Linux Red Hat 7 on it, and got it
      connected to the Internet, with a dial-up account.

      Because I could surf the net, I was a LOT more inclined to use the
      machine, and because it did not have critical data on it, I was not
      afraid to experiment, and risk wrecking the install, and losing
      valuable data.

      Then I just joined a few lists, like this one, and its parent list
      'linux', and began to read, read, read, and occasionally ask

      I still feel like a newbie, because Linux is such a HUGE subject, that
      it could not, in my opinion, be mastered in a single lifetime.

      Now, I am actually using Linux and FreeBSD in critical business
      applications, so I am pretty conservative... I have a paid
      subscription to Red Hat Network, so I can make sure that have all my
      application updates done in a timely manner, with a minimal amount of
      risk to computer security, and data.

      I know the Debian crowd will probably laugh at me, but that is Ok...
      Red Hat Enterprise is a great set of 'training wheels', for someone
      like myself, who isn't yet sharp enough to be a real Master of the
      System... but who must be 'master of the system', because there is
      no-one else to do the job for him.

      When I really, really, really know what I am doing... I will probably
      not need the 'training wheels'.

      In the mean time, I am learning as fast as I can.

      website: http://www.robertwittig.com/
      weblog: http://robertcwittig.blogspot.com/
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