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HTML, web design and such like . . .

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  • Ed Jason
    ... A lot of people have found them easy useful and a lot simpler than learning code. They may be the worst for your needs, tastes and insistence on tight
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 29, 2003
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      > M$ FPX and FP are the worst way to create a webpage ever written. I

      A lot of people have found them easy
      useful and a lot simpler than learning code.
      They may be the worst for your needs, tastes
      and insistence on tight code.

      > create all my pages using a text editor. A page I write in the editor
      > that may be 9K long, when imported and re-written with M$ FPX (running
      > in Wine for Linux or Odin for OS/2) becomes about 22K long, that's 2 1/2
      > times longer. Doesn't sound like much, but when you have a website that
      > has about 250K of HTML files (doesn't include images, etc, just the HTML
      > text) that bloats it up to about 700K. That is a lot, especially for
      > those of us who can't get broadband. That's why I hate things like
      > flash and idiots who put BMP pix on their sites.

      Those of us interested in design find
      that (just as in software) presentation
      is important whether you find it hateful or not . . .
      Dreamweaver has an option NOT to alter code
      and all design versions or html editors allow a straight
      text mode, hand coding the final work is always possible.

      > If you must have an HTML generator, a quick google on "HTML editor
      > linux" brought up 1.5 million hits, the start of which seemed to be
      > relevent. Try something like Bluefish Editor
      > http://bluefish.openoffice.nl/index.html. High learning curve, but very
      > powerful.

      Yes I downloaded the Debian bluefish
      - did not seem to install properly
      so that is on hold
      (I am still learning basics)

      > Keep working in Linux. As far as writing websites, use something like
      > composer or Bluefish for a while, but examine the code closely. Go to
      > http://www.htmlhelp.com/distribution/ and download the help files for
      > everything like HTML 4.0, 3.2 and CSS. They are available in HTML, Win
      > Help and OS/2 INF formats, zipped or TARed. Look up anything in the
      > generated code you don't understand. Then learn it and you'll end up
      > writing better HTML faster and tighter that way. No HTML generator ever
      > makes as good of code as you can do by writing it yourself.

      I am not interested in creating pages
      (I used to hand code in HTML and as soon
      as a design prog became available this was preferred)
      I am interested in creating web pages
      that people enjoy . . .
      I appreciate your approach and agree
      with it in principle but have no intention
      of going back to hand coding.
      I did download Amaya which is a bizarre
      web browser/coder . . . maybe too weird . . .
      - will have another go with Blue tooth
      perhaps and stick with composer :-)

      > Just my humble opinion.
      > --
      > Davey Brain
      > dsbrain@...
      > http://www.neosplice.com/~dsbrain/

      Thanks Davey. I appreciate the viewpoint
      and advice. I am finding the restrictions of
      composer quite fascinating . . .

      > If your ambition is even just slightly above creating a flash and
      > animated-gif haunted homepage nobody cares about or reads unless you make
      > people do it (and control them by asking questions about it), it pays to
      > learn HTML.
      > Cheers

      Perhaps so :-)

      There I was (and this is a true story)
      minding everyones business except my own

      [ . . . ahem . . . ]

      someone informed me of the legendary
      NEW AGE 'Astral Dolphin Energy'
      Fearlessly and with all the recklessness
      only a sea creature can muster
      I ordered a triple channelling

      Soon I was 'New Aged'
      and dolphined . . .

      Adventures with The Golden Lobster
      - the arrival of 'Astral Dolphin Energy'
      Christina (my 6 year old) and I just visited your underwater site -))
      Christina says "Lobster is the WINNER!!!! because he has the BEST

      Any other Web Designers?
      What do you use?
      Thanks again for all opinions :-)
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