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Re: [LINUX_Newbies] Drawing

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  • Scott Robbins
    ... And this is Horror ... Heh--well, they re usually insane graphic artists. However, the growing anti MS feeling as well as the BSD additions are beginning
    Message 1 of 8 , Jul 31, 2002
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      On Thu, Aug 01, 2002 at 03:27:13AM +0200, Horror Vacui wrote:
      > Scott Robbins wrote:
      > >On Thu, Aug 01, 2002 at 02:19:24AM +0200, Horror Vacui wrote:
      > >
      > > (Woops, somewhere I lost a Scott Robbins wrote, the below is me.)
      > >
      > >
      > >Actually, as OS X has a BSD basis, it hasn't crashed on me yet--haven't
      > >really stressed it--the only problems I had were with apps that ran
      > >under OS9 or OS 9 emulation, whatever it is. :)

      And this is Horror
      > >
      > Yes, at the time the euphoric recommendations of some Mac users I knew
      > made me believe computing paradise was called Macintosh, OS9 was actual.
      > I've no doubt that OSX is much more stable, only now I don't care.
      > Still, that disappointment with Macs reminds me that a Mac user is not
      > to be trusted, and that any company in the world would probably kill to
      > have users Macintosh has.

      Heh--well, they're usually insane graphic artists. However, the growing
      anti MS feeling as well as the BSD additions are beginning to attract
      the geek types. Although my wife, who uses Macs at work was rather
      amused watching me look like a somewhat unintelligent monkey trying to
      open the CD ROM. Opening a terminal and doing eject -r just got me
      command not found. :)
      > >
      > >
      > >
      > >
      > Yes, I was glad to notice that my W2k install is very stable... OK, I'm
      > lying, I'm not glad if Microsoft products get less bad. However, after
      > running it for some time, the genes start to show. It's getting less and
      > less stable - not to the horrifying '98 or even (chokes) '95 amount yet,
      > but it may get there.

      Interesting--you may stress yours more than I do mine, although I do
      almost nothing now in mine save for printing Japanese documents. I have
      no trouble with mine--again, I do little with it these days.

      > As for the unices: X apps very seldom crash on me (with WindowMaker - if
      > I use KDE they crash '98-ish, possibly my KDE is corrupted). Usually
      > they can be killed from a different tty or using ssh from another box,
      > but - very seldom - the box is completely locked up and I have to do a
      > hard-reboot. Wonder if others had that experience too.

      I would have to do one if I didn't have other machines on the
      Lan--including that Mac, where, if she already has it on , I can ask her to hold off on her FreeCell for a minute while
      I ssh in and reboot. It's good to annoy her on occasion. :)

      However, it's not Fluxbox itself, a relatively lightweight manager that
      will cause the problem--it's more likely connected (get it? connected?)
      to the KVM switch. A guess--probably something to do with the mouse
      since the problem (which is rare but does happen) only seems to happen
      if I'm in X (and I might have nothing open but an empty term window) and
      only after switching back and forth between boxes.

      I don't use KDE or Windowmaker though.


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