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696NOT SPAM _ only a source for a rare mobo (was A7V mobo, here is a source IN STOCK!!)

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  • schuetzen - RKBA!
    Aug 3, 2000
      On Wed, 2 Aug 2000 23:39:37 -0600 (MDT), "Brian L. Johnson" <blj8@...>

      >Tomorrow, schuetzen - RKBA! wrote:
      ><spam snipped>
      >I guess Mr. Schuetzen gets to say hello to Spamcop...
      >I just can't believe this guy's audacity in using a Spamcop email
      >address in his spam! I bet Spamcop's owner is gonna be pissed.
      who is spamming!
      This is a very rare and hard to find motherboard and I even paid a finder's fee
      to get one. It got me this address
      I posted where anyone else is looking for one could get the same deal and what I
      paid for it.
      Hell, I am not in business, I don't get a kick back, I run a dozen elists myself
      and what I did was NOT spamming. Further more, I resent being called a spammer.
      Again - I merely provided a source for perhaps the only location in the USA with
      these rare motherboards.
      I certainly think I am owed an apology for such an insult and for merely
      providing an act of courtesy and generosity on my part.
      I find it hard to believe that no one on this list does not know at least one
      person who is on backorder or actively searching for this motherboard.

      I am very disappointed in this person's reaction and action taken against my
      spamcop isp. I am now having to explain to Julian what happened. I was in such
      a hurry to get this information out (the shipment of mobos arrived in California
      at noon yesterday, and I bought mine at 4pm their time) that I did not take the
      time to do a nice build up to let people know why I was posting the information.
      This set of stock will be sold out in two days once the word gets out. I
      thought that I would do this list a favor as I have been lurking here and
      learning how to put together my system with Linux and so on.
      yeah, I am po'd but really more at having wasted the effort on this list.

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