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31928Re: [LINUX_Newbies] Installing Mint 17

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  • Gene C. Falck
    Jun 13, 2014
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      Hi All,

      I wrote:

      > I see Mint 17 with Mate now appears to
      > be available for downloading.

      The download went OK as soon as I went to
      my public library--sniffing around with my
      old netbook (with its fairly poor WiFi setup)
      on Mint (Mate) 16 and its popup "offline
      warning" to "tattle" on the unsatisfactory
      WiFi locations--had shown me a rather
      wide range in "hot spot" quality. Some of
      them aren't hot at all! More like "luke warm"
      The apple store sure takes the cake with its
      signal strength bouncing up and down and
      sometimes dropping off completely. That's
      not a good way to get a 1.3 GB .iso file.

      Interesting journey, though--I had the
      download folder open and so I noticed the
      mirror site started downloading as soon as
      I clicked it instead of waiting for me to see
      their site and confirm they were offering
      what I hoped for. That could explain some
      of the weird results in the past. Naturally
      the copy of Fusion (not my intent) didn't
      pass the md5 check for Mint with Mate.

      > I intend to install from a USB by using
      > unetbootin; that worked for Version 16
      > but I did the prep work for that in Win
      > XP which is now gone.

      Joan pointed out, off list, that my 16 has a
      facility (in the GUI rather than the Terminal
      where I was looking) to make the bootable
      USB. So far it all seems to be working as I
      had expected.

      To continue my netbook experiment, my
      next thought will be to try out having the
      partitions set up. Any thoughts on sizes?


      Gene Falck
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