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31903Re: [LINUX_Newbies] Ubuntu 12.10 Slooooow Acer Aspire Atom w/ 2GB

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  • Gene C. Falck
    May 29, 2014
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      Hi Roy,

      You wrote:

      Ubuntu is the biggest and most popular by far, but it is not necessarily the best for everyone. It uses its own desktop manager (Unity) and it tries to be the most which means unfortunately the specs required to run it have gone up over the years. However, remember that there are no guarantees that your older hardware will work with Windows' new variants either. They too have upped the ante in order to compete.

      No kidding! That's one of my considerations that
      got me into trying Linux! My old netbook that was
      on Windows XP fails the Windows 8 online test, I
      don't know of anyone that liked Vista, and we're
      going to Windows 7 where I work (so far, one it's
      bad enough to keep me peeved at Microsoft).

      ... choice. Unity, GNOME Shell, Cinnamon, Mate and KDE. All take similar resources but they are vastly different in how they use them and how they look and feel.

      When I started on this path, I had been told Mint
      with the Mate interface was a good bet. So far, so
      good; it isn't very fast but not worse than XP (and,
      of course, I lot better than a windows version that
      won't work).

      Since this is all an experiment, I'm doing OK. One
      feature that has been an eye-opener is that MInt
      with Mate posts a popup notice whenever a WiFi
      drops me--I'm seeing how poor some are and, of
      course, why I had such a bad time just trying to
      download the .iso.



      Gene Falck

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