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31649Re: Java FX in Ubuntu

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  • Loyal Barber
    Apr 16, 2014
      > Thanks Loyal,
      > > OK, having a little trouble along the way. > I remove Java 6 and Java 7 is there, so I remove Jave7 > (Open JDK7?) and Java6 is back, and on and on. > How do I remove Java first, or wait till Sun is installed? > > Also, I downloaded what I think is this Sun or Oracle Java, or official Java Runtime Environment > and it is stuck in the downloads folder. > How would I install it or move it? > > Ross
      First, what was the name of the file you downloaded? It could be *.tgz, *.tar.gz, *.bin etc. That would be helpful to know. Also, unless I am mistaken, and as my wife points out, I often don't know what I am talking about, the instructions on how to install what you downloaded are right there in text or as a link on the same page where you downloaded the file. So if you could give me the file name that you downloaded from Oracle or wherever, I think we can get you there. As for what does one do with the versions of Java from Open JDK that exist on your machine: You should be able to do so through either Synaptic or the software center. It has been a while since I had Ubuntu installed anywhere so I don't remember if it is called software center or something else. I would remove Open JDK versions of Java right before I installed Sun/Oracle Java. One more thing: While you have Synaptic or the software center open, do a search on Java to see if the Oracle/Sun version is in there somewhere. I know it used to be but can't really speak to it now. Doing it from Synaptics or software center is the preferred method for installing and uninstalling software. If you cannot find Java in either of these tools, it is perfectly OK to install it via the command line. Loyal
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