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31648Re: [LINUX_Newbies] No Boot after upgrade

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  • loyal_barber
    Apr 16, 2014

      ---In LINUX_Newbies@yahoogroups.com, <trev15evil@...> wrote :
      > > On 15/04/14 11:44, Linux Canuck wrote: > > > > > > You cannot remove the upgrade easily and it can cause more problems than > > it resolves. The likely cause is a partial upgrade. I would try to fix > > that instead. > > > > To remove the upgrade you would have to know which packages were > > upgraded, then completely remove them with the package manager (Synaptic > > has this option or try the commands below). Then you have to change your > > settings to always prefer the installed version instead of the higher > > version. Then re-install the packages. Even after all of this, it may > > not work. > > The key is the dmesg command it displays the 'boot up' log which should > list the problem. There is a lot of it so pipe it to more to scroll > through to find the issue. > Trevor
      <snip> Trevor, I really appreciate what you are trying to do but remember? This is a newbie's list. So here is the command Trevor is trying to show you dmesg | more Now personally, I would pipe it to less as I think less is 
      more than more.  Wait, did that make sense?
        dmesg is command that gives you what has happened with the 
        The pipe symbol "|" means send the screen output of the dmesg
      command to <next command>. In this case, <next command> 
      is "more".  More is a process that takes input and 
      displays it one screen at a time instead of just running 
      off the top of your monitor into some fabled bit bucket.
        I am certain Trevor would have made it this detailed but was 
      in a hurry.  No offense Trevor.  I personally think this is
      still way beyond the Newbie level but if you want to go on
      with the research, you will learn a great deal.  You 
      will just have to keep coming to this list or to google to 
      learn what things you see and should do are.

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