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31127Fwd: Re: [LINUX_Newbies] New Hand of Thief trojan does Linux but not windows!

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  • G.LinuxDucks
    Aug 11 9:43 AM
      yeah, i was just reading up on the threat particulars and equating to
      Windows - this is actaully a medium to dangerous infection almost, not
      quite but almost, equal to the Windows threat known as the infamous
      Conficker Worm Botnet. FYI

      gerald philly pa usa
      HOME http://bluecollarpc.us/ (windoze security)
      My Web: http://linuxducks.webs.com/

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      Subject: Re: [LINUX_Newbies] New Hand of Thief trojan does Linux but
      not windows!
      Date: Sun, 11 Aug 2013 12:35:44 -0400
      From: G.LinuxDucks <g.linuxducks@...>
      To: LINUX_Newbies@yahoogroups.com

      I have been using the following (below link) that workd very well on
      several distributions I have tried. It is beyond Clam AV or Klam AV
      (AV=antivirus) for Linux because it has Real Time Protection! That means
      it blocks malware in real time from even installing on the system. If
      you have used Windows then you understand this importance as proactive
      protection rather than reactive. Reactive is using antivirus or full
      antimalware (antispyware included) that is only a scanner for infections
      with ability to remove - but that after the infection has occurred and
      any personal data comprimise. Comodo (FREE) for Linux really is
      genuinely light on the system as is the premium (pay subscription) ESET
      for Linux (best, opinion).

      TIP: When downloading either above products, you then go to that
      download package in your Files and right click the package and click
      Properties. Go to Permissions and click "Allow this to install" or
      similar. Otherwise the security of the Linux system just keeps an item
      like this as a like Read Only mode so it cannot launch.

      Virus Protection - Comodo Antivirus for Linux
      Powerful anti-virus and email filtering software for Linux based computers.

      Note: Once you install the program you will need to open a Terminal with
      the commands shown in Comodo. This then goes through the License
      Agreement (standard) that by using you are not going to decompile and
      sell as pirate copies and blah blah blah. You hot scroll all the way
      down and then it will automatically install additional driver etc
      enabling Real time Protection and the full use of Comodo Linux.

      If memory serves, ESET just went automatic, done. Of course have to
      first hit Properties and Allow to install.

      gerald philly pa usa

      On 8/9/2013 4:38 PM, Joe PM wrote:
      > goto
      > http://arstechnica.com/security/2013/08/hand-of-thief-banking-trojan-doesnt-do-windows-but-it-does-linux/?goback=%2Egde_65688_member_264365271

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