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31098Re: [LINUX_Newbies] Re: Grep questions

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  • highskywhy@yahoo.de
    Jul 31, 2013
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      Good afternoon.
      Mi Jul 31 15:34:43 2013
      Thank You for Email and help.

      > | > | Is it better for not confuse myself to name it mybin
      > | > | ?
      > | >
      > | > Your call.
      > | *
      > | OK
      > | The idea is
      > | doing update or start a new Linux at new computer:
      > |
      > | bin is looking like Linux created
      > | mybin is looking: Oh, Sophie created it You have to backup this.
      > Well, your whole home directory should be backed up.
      > (Possibly excluding scratch areas like caches of temp files.)
      Should I also back up the whole home
      by changing for example from Xubuntu to Siduction?

      > | But since it is in your home directory, it should already
      > | > be obvious that it is for you.
      > | >*
      > | OK
      > You should perhaps think of it more like a naming convention: "bin"
      > does not mean "Linux created it"; "bin" means a directory of program
      > files. Putting a "bin" in you home directory implies you made it;
      > "bin" says it is for programs.
      All folders created by me have the name
      So until I know all directories
      it is easy for me to see
      what is selfmade.

      > Aside: historicly these were "binary" executables (like Windows
      > .exe files), which is why the directory is named "bin" (the name
      > is short so as to be easy to type, like "ls" instead of "list").
      > These days executable scripts go in the same place; there is little
      > reason to distinguish the two.
      What do I have to do
      I create a directory and there I put all executable files.
      I create a subfolder mybin in the dir bin like bin/mybin
      and put there my executable files.
      I think it is possibel to
      make a shell file:
      ffx does start firefox
      as shortcut.

      > | > No. It searches for an executable file named "dothisnow".
      > | *
      > | Ok.
      > | But where?
      > | In the path directories or the whole hd?
      > Only in the directories named in $PATH.

      > That gives you control. Not to mention being much faster.

      Thank You
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