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31084Re: [LINUX_Newbies] Re: Grep questions

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  • Cameron Simpson
    Jul 17, 2013
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      On 17Jul2013 17:02, highskywhy@... <highskywhy@...> wrote:
      | > | Is it better for not confuse myself to name it mybin
      | > | ?
      | >
      | > Your call.
      | *
      | OK
      | The idea is
      | doing update or start a new Linux at new computer:
      | bin is looking like Linux created
      | mybin is looking: Oh, Sophie created it You have to backup this.

      Well, your whole home directory should be backed up.
      (Possibly excluding scratch areas like caches of temp files.)

      | But since it is in your home directory, it should already
      | > be obvious that it is for you.
      | >*
      | OK

      You should perhaps think of it more like a naming convention: "bin"
      does not mean "Linux created it"; "bin" means a directory of program
      files. Putting a "bin" in you home directory implies you made it;
      "bin" says it is for programs.

      Aside: historicly these were "binary" executables (like Windows
      .exe files), which is why the directory is named "bin" (the name
      is short so as to be easy to type, like "ls" instead of "list").
      These days executable scripts go in the same place; there is little
      reason to distinguish the two.

      | > No. It searches for an executable file named "dothisnow".
      | *
      | Ok.
      | But where?
      | In the path directories or the whole hd?

      Only in the directories named in $PATH.
      That gives you control. Not to mention being much faster.

      Cameron Simpson <cs@...>

      What do _you_ care what other people think? - Arlene Feynman
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