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  • Cameron Simpson
    Jul 10, 2013
      On 10Jul2013 15:52, highskywhy@... <highskywhy@...> wrote:
      | > | What directory should I use for own files?
      | >
      | > Normally, $HOME/bin. So:
      | > - log in
      | > - type "pwd" to check that you are in you home directory
      | > - type "mkdir bin" to create a directory called "bin" in your home
      | > directory
      | *
      | Is it better for not confuse myself to name it mybin
      | ?

      Your call. But since it is in your home directory, it should already
      be obvious that it is for you.

      | > Then you need to put $HOME/bin into your $PATH.
      | >
      | > You can do this by running the command:
      | >
      | > PATH=$PATH:$HOME/bin
      | > export PATH
      | *
      | Thank You.
      | Then Linux is searching
      | when I give comand like dothisnow
      | in the
      | directory
      | bin or mybin
      | for
      | dothisnow.sh.
      | ?

      No. It searches for an executable file named "dothisnow".
      Windows does that oddball "add an extension". In UNIX, what you
      type is what is looked for.

      Normally you do not end _commands_ in an extension saying what the
      language is. Instead, for scripts the leading shebang line:


      tells the kernel what program will be used to run the script.

      So you make a script and store it as "/home/user1/bin/dothisnow".
      It starts with the line:


      When you issue the command "dothisnow a b c", if the kernel finds
      your script it will execute the actual command:

      /bin/sh /home/user1/bin/dothisnow a b c

      getting the "/bin/sh" from the first line of the script.
      In this way you can write scripts in different languages depending
      on your needs, and make them up so that the kernel knows how to run

      As another example, a Python script would normally have a shebang line like:


      | > That does it only for the shell you ran it in.
      | *
      | This does mean
      | I close the terminal
      | and Linux will forget it.


      Cameron Simpson <cs@...>

      The punishment which the wise suffer who refuse to take part in government
      is to live under the government of worse men. - Plato
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