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31041Re: [LINUX_Newbies] Re: Grep questions

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  • highskywhy@yahoo.de
    Jul 2, 2013
      Good morning
      Mi Jul 03 08:05:13 2013
      Thank You for help.

      > > | Is root where the program files are?
      > >
      > > Root is where you start.
      > The meaning of root in Linux can be somewhat confusing as it may refer
      > to the root user's home directory /root, or more commonly the root of
      > the filesystem / Whoever initially designed these features must have
      > been asleep at the keyboard when this snafu escaped them. Context
      > usually sorts any potential confusion out though.
      > "Root is where you start."
      > I'm not sure what that means. Where you start (your origin) is your
      > current working directory, which you can find with the pwd (print
      > working directory) command. Although echo $PWD works too.

      echo $PWD
      This does mean:
      The terminal is pointing in my home directory
      but not pointing in my root directory?

      > > Of you look at your $PATH variable by going:
      > >
      > > echo $PATH
      > >
      > > you will see a list of directories, separated by colons.
      > > Program files like in those directories.
      > >
      > > Normally there will be a "bin" directory in your own home directory,
      > > eg "/home/name/bin", at the start of your $PATH. This lets you write
      > > your own commands and have somewhere to put them.
      > I don't know what distribution you run but having a home bin directory
      > in a user's path by default is definitely not normal.
      This is mine:


      This is Xubuntu 13.04.

      > cd with no arguments will take you to your home directory too.
      Thank You.

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