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30950Re: [LINUX_Newbies] What is bat com exe in Linux?

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  • highskywhy@yahoo.de
    May 22, 2013
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      Do Mai 23 07:53:33 2013
      Good morning.
      Thank You for help.

      > > Thank You for Your friendly help.
      > > It is sounding very complicate.
      > > Should the best way be
      > > to study Java and then upload applets?
      > >
      > > Can linux win mac android chrome and others understand applets?
      > >
      > Hi,
      > I had presumed you were working in pascal,
      This is right.
      Until 2011
      I was using win and dos
      and we only did write programs in Pascal,
      and we shared code in Exe files.
      Now I am using Linux and
      so we discuss
      a to continue using DOS BOX in Linux and Pascal
      b to change using language and use Javascript and Java.

      if you want an easy option
      > consider something like python, cross platform and architecture
      > Yes all platforms can use Java appletts as far as I know, never tried on
      > android/ios .
      > *
      > I do not know python.
      > But can mac and Doswin users understand python?

      As far as I know there is no single language/enviroment that is
      understood and installed by default on all platforms.
      Only the applet?

      the closest is
      C#/Visual-basic on mono/.net. All compiled languages
      (Pascal,c,c++,fortran etc.) need to be compiled for each platform.
      This is easyish using make files, you develop on one platform and then
      release to many.
      I understand.
      Thank You.

      The question is
      is it more easy to study Java?

      Languages like python, java, C#, perl, basic, ruby etc need a program
      called an interpreter (Run time) in order to work.
      This is different from Delphi or Pascal or Assembler,isnt it.

      you also need to
      include any 'extras' that you use in your code (python modules, perl
      cpan) (.net/mono and java use a 'bytecode interpreter, python etc use a
      traditional style interpreter)
      Second problem are the libraries, isnt it?

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