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30896Re: Koppix 5.1.1 ISO on CD- Hang Looking for CD in: /dev/hdb

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  • Paul
    Apr 7, 2013
      --- In LINUX_Newbies@yahoogroups.com, "desco" <desco1kr@...> wrote:
      > Intel DG31 PR main Bd 2 GB mem, CPU=I Pent4, E5200@... GHz
      > Boots and runs XP Pro SP3
      > Goes to boot prompt, enter boots to screen"
      > Running Linux Kernel 2.6.19.
      > Total memory available: 2063104kB
      > Enabling DMA acceleration for: hdb [FX320S]
      > Looking for CD in: /dev/hdb
      > Hangs for 12 hrs + Manual abort at that point.
      > any suggestions?

      First off don't try to boot for 12 hours. Patience is one thing, but at some point it turns into pathetic. You crossed that line with about 11 hours and 55 minutes to spare.

      Someone here



      at the boot prompt type "knoppix nodma"

      Can't hurt to try that. Could be an issue that Knoppix is aware of they're doing that they have a ready made fix for. I've no practical experience with it myself though. I never ran Knoppix.
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