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  • highskywhy@yahoo.de
    Mar 16 11:44 PM
      So Mär 17 07:24:40 2013
      Good morning
      Thank You for email and help.
      > Can I find 7zip
      > with ls ?

      ls lists the contents of a diesctory, unless you add an option (for
      example) ls -R which lists all the files in a directory PLUS all the
      files in subdirectories.
      Are there listed all installed software
      or all software including not-intalled software?

      There are many disk-indexing applications, but my preference is for the
      command line application locate.

      As usual add with sudo apt-get install locate

      You will then need to update the database with sudo updatebd (you will
      also need to do this occasionally in the future)

      Then you can type locate <file> to locate any file you want. e.g.
      locate 7zip on my system gives a list:

      How was the first command to find 7zip
      was it:
      sudo apt-et install locate 7zip?

      Take a look at the Debian handbook sudo apt-get install debian handbook
      (it's free but donations welcomed for updating, etc). Other sources for
      information on X/K/ubuntu are the Official Documentation
      <https://help.ubuntu.com/12.10/ubuntu-help/index.html> pages and the
      ubuntuforums.org <ubuntuforums.org> .
      Thank You.

      Does this help
      when I am searching 7zip
      and the real name ist pk7zip?

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