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30736Re: [LINUX_Newbies] Whining About Wine

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  • highskywhy@yahoo.de
    Feb 13, 2013
      good morning
      thank You for email.
      In Linuxbooks is writen
      wine always makes problems.
      Is this true?

      Am 09.02.2013 23:46, schrieb Chris Trask:
      > I've been trying to install LinuxMint 14.1 and Wine on a Dell laptop.
      > Took me a week of on and off effort to realize that the real instructions
      > were in the fine print. Despite that, I did manage to get them both
      > installed.
      > Now I'm having all sorts of trouble installing a Windows application.
      > I've tried twice, using the applications setup.exe file. It goes through
      > all of the proper setup stages, asking for this and that plus the serial
      > number. When it's done, there isn't a single item loaded on the hard drive
      > and the icon in the program list diappears when you click on it.
      > Reading the instructions in the Wine user guide, page 8 has what seems
      > to three or four different methods for installing Windows applications, and
      > those instructions are just a bit cryptic. After two tries, I know that the
      > first one of just using the setup.exe file does not work.
      > So, how do you install a Windows application on a machine with LinuxMint
      > and Wine installed when the application has a setup.exe file?
      > Chris
      > _
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