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30665Re: [LINUX_Newbies] Problem 2:Install Remove Software

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  • highskywhy@yahoo.de
    Jan 15, 2013
      Di Jan 15 11:14:41 2013
      Good morning
      Problem 2:Install Remove Software
      Thank You for help.

      * apt-get remove package
      * apt-get remove --purge package

      * apt-get remove --purge --auto-remove package
      This was not ok.

      Sophie, in the above commands replace the word "package" by the name of
      the package you want. For example, to remove the command called "less" do:
      * apt-get remove less
      * apt-get remove --purge less
      * apt-get remove --purge --auto-remove less
      In your case, the package is the "evolution".
      Is it:
      * apt-get remove evolution
      * apt-get remove --purge evolution

      * apt-get remove --purge --auto-remove evolution

      And the last line is cleaning the whole hd from evolution, isnt it?

      apt-get remove --purge evolution
      there were and there are a lot of directories filled with evolution files:
      Yes, because the "evolution" is a graphic software and requires many
      files, libs and integration with the desktop environment to work. You
      could do this (thus avoiding remove many files):
      apt-get remove evolution
      I did "apt-get remove evolution" and after this remove, there are a lot
      of "evolution" files.
      Is it simlar to win? If You delete software in a win-system, afterwords
      You have a lot to clean for example the registry.

      Can I try.
      sudo apt-get freepascal
      and then Linux is running through the www and bring me the freepascal?
      Use this "apt-get install freepascal" or this "apt-get install fpc"
      There is another pascal compiler called "gpc" (GNU project) - Very good,
      by the way. Do it:
      "apt-get install gpc"
      What pascal-compiler is the best?
      Lararus is a GUI, but is Lazarus also a compiler?

      How many programs I can install with a Linuxsystem?
      (for not block the os)
      The Linux (as a Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, CentOS, ...) has no such
      limitation. In this case, the limitation is the hardware employed (eg:
      HD, Memory, ...).
      I can see the hd. If there a 20 gb space, then there is no problem?
      How can software or to many software-programes block the memory?

      How can I find the best "pascal-compiler"?
      First, check the pascal compiler that exist on your Linux. The comand
      for this is:
      apt-cache search pascal (many compilers will appear as "fpc", "gpc",...)

      For show information package, do this:
      apt-cache show fpc ou apt-cache show gpc

      The best pascal compiler depend on what you need or want. I used the
      "gpc", because the "gpc" is done by the GNU Project (philosophical
      I want to write programs like this
      programm a; var a:inter; begin read(a); write (a); end.
      Text and very simple. So I think, Freepascal or GNU are better then
      Lazarus,isnt it?

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