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30423Re: Aptitude fails to configure 'dirmngr'

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  • Paul
    Jul 12 11:20 AM
      --- In LINUX_Newbies@yahoogroups.com, Roy <linuxcanuck@...> wrote:
      > My sentiments, too, as a desktop user, but some people who run servers in
      > particular require stable and do not need the latest and greatest. Why a
      > desktop user would want to run an older version of the GIMP and not be able
      > to run LibreOffice at all since it was not around 2 years ago is anybody's
      > guess.
      Perhaps it wasn't but Open Office was and I have

      $ aptitude show libreoffice-common
      Package: libreoffice-common
      New: yes
      State: installed
      Automatically installed: no
      Version: 1:3.4.6-2~bpo60+2

      installed anyways. Way back in the day I ran Star Office and even Word Perfect for Linux too. I value stable above all else myself. The latest isn't even always the greatest either, especially lately.

      Mostly I run Debian though because it starts off in the best state, and offers me the best platform for me to customize how I see fit.
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