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30419Re: [LINUX_Newbies] Re: Aptitude fails to configure 'dirmngr'

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  • Roy
    Jul 11, 2012
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      I agree. Debian is for experienced users. It can be finicky to set-up,
      especially with the binary blobs removed. Debian is great for some people.
      It supports the most architectures and is the basis for many distributions,
      but it is fairly old school in terms of its use and look. That being said,
      its community is large (and can be prickly at times) and you should be able
      to resolve just about any problem if you have the time and patience.

      There are many excellent Debian derivatives, some are based on Debian
      testing and others on Debian unstable. They work downstream to smooth out
      the bugs and add usability. Some of the bug fixes make it back upstream,
      but it is a slow process. Linux Mint Debian Edition or LMDE is based on
      testing and Ubuntu and its derivatives is based on unstable, as is aptosid.


      Using Kubuntu 12.04, 64-bit
      Location: Canada

      On 10 July 2012 22:59, Paul <pfrederick1@...> wrote:

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      > --- In LINUX_Newbies@yahoogroups.com, "Pascal" <pascal.bernhard@...>
      > wrote:
      > >
      > > Hey all,
      > >
      > > I'm having once again a problem with my Debian Testing.
      > Stop right there. Debian testing is exactly that, the testing branch. It
      > is supposed to have problems! Debian testing is also not a proper choice
      > for newbies either.
      > Heck, I don't think any Debian version is the best choice for a newbie.
      > Debian is only really user friendly to experienced users. As much as I may
      > like the stuff I have to be realistic. The best words I can think of to
      > describe Debian would be inscrutable, or perhaps intractable.
      > I just ran into a known bug in stable running Debian today myself. I
      > wonder if my workaround will work? I did do something rather esoteric in
      > this day and age in order to manifest it though. I mean really now, how
      > many people actually use gpm anymore?
      > I'm from a time when gpm was rather popular though.

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