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28154Multi-boot headaches

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  • Donald Cooley
    Jul 3, 2010
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      I know this is a linux forum but I also know many of us multi-boot.
      I need some help with installing and booting xp from a second hard
      drive. I know there is a lot of information on google but I am getting
      a migraine wading through it and restarting my machine with the xp
      installation disc.
      I know xp is being phased out but I need it for some games.

      I have slackware and openbsd on /dev/sda. No problems there. I bought a
      western digital caviar 680G
      This is an oem drive. I used cfdisk to give it a ntfs of 100g and then
      formatted it with gparted. The problem I'm having is when I go to
      install Windows I get to the screen about using a partition and I get
      an error saying something like I don't have a valid xp partition. I've
      tried deleting and letting windows create a partition but it refuses.
      I was hoping to get this finished this weekend. Any help would be

      Donald Cooley
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