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  • Frank Newman
    Sep 17, 2008
      I do largely agree with you that the more I run Linux, the more I run
      FOSS software, *BUT *there are some situations where the FOSS solutions
      are just not up to the task. I maintain a medium size website and have
      found nothing to compare with Macromedia Dreamweaver or to give me the
      range of options that I require. Thankfully, Dreamweaver is running
      under Wine, otherwise I'd have to keep going back to XP.


      Linux Canuck wrote:
      > Right you are, but people will do what works for them. In practice the
      > more they run Linux the less they dual boot, run Wine, run VMs or rely
      > on proprietary software. They find these things require more time and
      > effort than they are worth and seek FOSS solutions. They need to get
      > their foot in the door to make this discovery for themselves. We can
      > try to tell them, but they need to see it for themselves.
      > Roy
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      > Support Open source.
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      > Linux Canuck wrote:
      > > You need to install a program called Wine to run exe files in Linux.
      > Wine is not an emulator but adds a compatibility layer to Linux so
      > that you can run some but not all Windows programs. Use the package
      > manager in Mandriva to install Wine. Then when you click on an exe
      > file it will load Wine and try to execute the file.
      > >
      > Heh! This is going full circle.
      > The individual will then be running Windows XP, with
      > Mandriva Linux running on a virtual machine within XP, and with Wine
      > then running inside the Mandriva virtual machine.
      > Wheels within wheels.
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