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  • Linux Canuck
    Sep 17, 2008
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      Right you are, but people will do what works for them. In practice the more they run Linux the less they dual boot, run Wine, run VMs or rely on proprietary software. They find these things require more time and effort than they are worth and seek FOSS solutions. They need to get their foot in the door to make this discovery for themselves. We can try to tell them, but they need to see it for themselves.


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      Linux Canuck wrote:
      > You need to install a program called Wine to run exe files in Linux. Wine is not an emulator but adds a compatibility layer to Linux so that you can run some but not all Windows programs. Use the package manager in Mandriva to install Wine. Then when you click on an exe file it will load Wine and try to execute the file.

      Heh! This is going full circle.

      The individual will then be running Windows XP, with
      Mandriva Linux running on a virtual machine within XP, and with Wine
      then running inside the Mandriva virtual machine.

      Wheels within wheels.

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