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23312Oh, yes I CAN get F7 upgrade to work!

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  • Gary
    Jun 8 2:28 PM
      --- In LINUX_Newbies@yahoogroups.com, "Gary" <xheralt@...> wrote:

      {various troubles with home-burned LiveCD and rescueCD's)

      OK, folks, situation update. It seems to be a media and/or burner
      issue more than anything else. I've burned 3 different F7 LiveCD's on
      Memorex 52x-capable, 2 using the HP9300 on my linux box, and the last
      on the CD/DVD burner on my Compaq Presario (WinXP) laptop. *None* of
      the LiveCD's work, which is to say the disk boots up, but as soon as I
      *select* anything, the process crashes and reboots the computer. I've
      tried these disks in both the HP9300 or the (equally ancient) Liteon
      LTD-122 DVDROM that I have available to me! But the very same disks
      work just fine in said Compaq, or in my OLD laptop, which is an IBM
      ThinkPad 600X!

      Isn't that messed up, that a burner can't seem to read its own product
      very well?

      Since I had my Compaq out anyway, I re-downloaded the DVD .iso to it,
      burned it, and d-mned if is doesn't work just *fine*. 523 of 825
      packages installed as I type this, and proceeding smoothly. So,
      fellow newbies, I tell you, DVD is the way to go, even if you have to
      shell a few buck out to a professional source to get a copy!
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