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23309Can't get F7 upgrade to work!

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  • Gary
    Jun 8, 2007
      --- In LINUX_Newbies@yahoogroups.com, duckz quack <duckzlandd@...> wrote:
      > corrupt kernel perhaps?
      > try use the rescue cd and copy fresh kernel and try again

      Due respect ducky, expecting a newbie to be able to install from the
      rescue cd is just asking for trouble; I tried it and failed, and if
      I'm any example....

      I attempted to install from a freshly-burned F7 Live CD, but that
      seems to be screwed up. K3B verified that the CD matched the .iso
      file, but the .iso file itself must be screwed because no matter what
      option I select, my 'puter immediately reboots. No I didn't compare
      MD5 or SHAI-whetever of the .iso I ended up with against the website's
      original, and probably should have.

      Anyway, I then I burned a F7 RescueCD instead (successfully this time)
      attempted to install from the DVD .iso (also downloaded) on my hard
      drive, except that the menu offered by the F7 RescueCD doesn't seem to
      register my IDE hard drive (/hda) while it *does* think my SCSI zip100
      (/sda4) is a viable candidate...arrrrgh!

      I do NOT have a DVD burner, and F-7 seems to only be distributed that
      way, so I *have* to either use a HD image or FTP/HTTP.

      So, I boot the F7 Rescue disk again, and tried the HTTP option, but I
      can't seem to get what it's asking for right. For example, as the web
      site (first text area), I enter "mirror.sanford.edu", and then for the
      package directory, "fedora/linux/releases/7/everything/i386/os/"

      If that's not what it's asking for, what is?
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