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20Re: A Quick Problem.. Honest !

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  • LeftOnRed AtAnyCorner
    Oct 22, 1999
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      > But, even though its a NEW install, and Drives Have
      > been formated... the
      > system STILL errors on HTTP, and Still takes 30mins
      > to get past Sendmail,
      > and INND, and a few other services.. this is WELL
      > anoying.. and im so
      > confused why there are the exact same problems with
      > the startup of the
      > system.. Even though i can now get into X ok...

      Will, Unless you are running a web server, mail
      server or newsserver on your machine, you can remove
      these services from your boot up. Log in as root and
      type setup at the console. Choose services from the
      menu and un-check those three services. Then do a
      normal shutdown -r now.

      Vell, Zaphod's just zis guy you know.
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