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19132Re: [LINUX_Newbies] Script Help Required, please.

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    Dec 1, 2004
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      On Tue, 30 Nov 2004 23:56:22 +0000
      Brad Rogers <brad@...> wrote:

      > > Learn bash and it will become the highlight of your days.
      > Well, I wouldn't go that far..... :-)

      You have not experienced the deep joy(tm) of dropping some kung-foo
      script into a working system and see it spawn off a dozen carefully
      selected tasks, auto-magically.

      Seriously. I took over a system and have done many things that would
      take lazy programmers forever to accomplish. I think sh should be taught
      as a basic programming language in colleges instead of pascal. We'd all
      be better admins for it (and it ingrains some Linux into students, but
      they have no excuse not to use Linux for their C courses).

      I think half the power of bash is in utils like grep sed and tr. They're
      VERY powerful and well worth learning:

      MP3PLAYER="My favourite mp3 player is WINAMP"
      echo `echo $MP3PLAYER | sed 's/WINAMP/XMMS/'`

      The above does not qualify for deep joy (tm) but I'm sure you get the

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