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17Re: A Quick Problem.. Honest !

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  • thorazine
    Oct 22, 1999
      typical problems, first your HTTP error is most likely due to the fact
      that you haven't configured the host name in httpd.conf. Once you do
      that, it shouldn't fail in boot. As far as sendmail, it's notoriously
      slow on start up. I personally refuse to use it for just that reason.
      You may want to disable it and INND, if you aren't really using them. I
      don't know about mandrake, but redhat 6 just go to a root prompt and
      type setup, that will allow you to choose what you want to start
      automatically. Hope this helps.


      Will Moverley wrote:
      > From: Will Moverley <MoverleyW@...>
      > Hi, i have a Problem,
      > I installed Linux Mandrake 6.0 about a month ago, and im Very Very pleased
      > with it, i had no problems with the install, or anything, it was all going
      > Smooothley.. Except for one thing.. When i had finished using the machine,
      > and wanted to reboot/shutdown the machine, i was using the "halt" command,
      > is this right ?, because all i kept getting was an error at the end of the
      > reboot saying that the system could'nt unmount the dirve.. This caused the
      > machine to force a check when i booted back in, which went ok, but was
      > anoying... Then the other day, it failed on the Check.. and asked me to
      > manually fun "fsck" do i did, i ran "fskc /dev/hda5" ( hda5 being my linux
      > partition) this came up with LOTS of stuff that i just said Yes too, and
      > thats was it, the machine went all messed up, i couldnt start x, i wouldnt
      > do anything, the HTTP Service failed on boot, it was taking AGES to get past
      > Sendmail, and INND.. and when i say ages im talking, 30mins to boot the
      > Machine, so i guessed i needed to reinstall Linux, which isnt to bad, as i
      > had alot of practice with this when i installed it last time !!
      > So i popped my CD in, rebooted the PC, and made my Machine boot from CDrom,
      > which was fine... i started off the install by Removing the old partition
      > hda5, then adding it again, and formating and checking it for Errors.. that
      > was fine, the i asked Mandrake to install Everything... and that was fine...
      > But, even though its a NEW install, and Drives Have been formated... the
      > system STILL errors on HTTP, and Still takes 30mins to get past Sendmail,
      > and INND, and a few other services.. this is WELL anoying.. and im so
      > confused why there are the exact same problems with the startup of the
      > system.. Even though i can now get into X ok...
      > Any ideas.... ??
      > Sorry for the Length of this Message.. but any help is Much Appreciated..
      > Will Moverley
      > Support Analyst
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